What is Phibrows?

It’s a manual semi-permanent, Microblading method of :creating hyper-realistic eyebrows drawing.
Phibrows stays between 12-36
months,depends on your skin type(normal,dry,oily).
Phibrows needed touch up after 1-1/5year and you pay only half price!
What makes phibrows better than microblading :
The most important difference is our pigments,your result never change to red,blue or orange afrer a year,and this is the most important point in our service.if you choose middle brown you will have middle brown for whole year,and never color change,cause our pigments are iron oxide free ,and the reason of color change in other brands is this!!!

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What is phi removal?

Phiremoval is a non laser form of tattoo remove. The process is very much like applying a tattoo but instead of using ink, a chemical that causes a reaction with the ink is used to lift it out. Just like laser removal PhiRemoval is a process. Each session will lighten your tattoo preparing your skin for a new tattoo or just beautiful healthy skin.
What Can We Remove Using PhiRemoval?
• removal of single strokes, unwanted dots, details
• removing a small part of the eyebrows
• complete removal of red, grey or titanium dioxide pigment
• lips-contour and uneven shape
• eyeliners
• Small tattoos
• the most difficult cases migrations removal

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